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The UI/UX team at META+LAB is responsible for ensuring that our interface designs are not only clean and aesthetic but also attract and retain viewer attention.

Our designers work closely with our marketing team to develop robust marketing materials and promote META+LAB and its products. They also work with our front-end developers to create interface components for our various web applications.

Keeping up with the latest design software is a must. We are constantly learning new technological trends in the fields of UI/UX and branding.


Our front-end developers bring our products to life. They work closely with the design team in the creation of the interactive elements within our products and ensure that all elements function seamlessly.

Their day to day tasks focus around translating wireframes into mobile responsive and accessible web applications.

Members of the front-end team are proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel Blade, and more.

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Our back-end developers are the backbone of our project teams, leveraging a multi-technology stack to facilitate durable and scalable software solutions.

Their daily duties include the implementation of various features and services which the front end teams consume to bring our products to life.

In regards to our clients, the key responsibility of our back-end developers is to translate customer requirements into well designed APIs and services. They do this by utilizing modern software engineering methodologies and techniques.

Members of the back-end team are proficient in PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Git, automated testing, and more


The META+LAB operations team handles all things related to META+LAB infrastructure. This includes product deployment both on-premise and in the cloud through Amazon Web Services.

In addition, the operations team provides hands-on IT support to the office of Research and Graduate Studies department on campus.

Without the diligent work of our operations team, we would be unable to function.

Members of our operations team are proficient in command line, server upkeep and troubleshooting, cloud technologies, automation, and more.

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The marketing team at META+LAB handles the adoption and user growth strategies for most of our products. They conduct presentations and demonstrations for many of our projects and present our findings to clients and to university officials. The members of the marketing team also handle our social media accounts and work alongside the design team to come up with robust marketing materials.

Our marketing team members are regularly gaining new knowledge to better promote META+LAB and its products. Many of our marketers also delve into learning basic programming languages and frameworks so as to better communicate with our development teams.