Steven Fitzgerald is a Professor of Computer Science at California State University, Northridge, and his teaching focuses on information technology courses and the department's Senior Design offerings. Steve is also heavily involved in the development of high-impact practices to provide students with hands-on opportuties to build real-world software applications and to manage these systems within both a cloud and on-premise IT environments. Steve, along with Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Wiegley, have established the @TechLab (Advancing Technology Laboratory) as such a high-impact practice that is ideal for CIT Majors and other students from other technology-based majors (COMP, IS, etc). Steve's research interests include high-performance computing and cloud computing. He is currently exploring the effective use serverless technologies to support large-scale, tighly-coupled computations. Steve has participated in a number of research projects associated with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, and Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. These research efforts focused on compiler optimization for high-performance computing, identity managment, and grid computing. During his tenure, Steve has also held several administrative positions including: Information Security Officer, Director of Academic Technology, and Chief Technology Officer.