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META+LAB has instituted several programs aimed at student success from high school through CSUN graduation. Some of the goals of these programs include informing and encouraging students who are interested in the field, and educating and guiding students who are interested in challenges and applications outside the classroom.

Students wishing to work at META+LAB must go through both the Pathfinder and the Immersive in order to be considered to join the META+LAB team.


Local high-school juniors and seniors interested in a career in web development shadow META+Lab students and staff for one week during the academic year. They are allowed to shadow for a maximum of six hours during that week. Shadowing provides an opportunity for highschoolers to see real-world work performed in a professional environment that sets the stage for entry into the Pathfinder Program. Participating high school students need to fill out appropriate forms and obtain permission from current high-school counselors.

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The META+LAB Pathfinder Program is an innovative collection of workshops that introduce CSUN students to front-end development, back-end development, or operations/CIT. Taught bi-weekly by dedicated industry professionals, these workshops prepare you to join META+LAB and work toward becoming job-ready.

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Participation in the Pathfinder Program is a prerequisite to enroll in the Immersive Program. All of the materials covered in the Pathfinder Program are the foundation for the subjects covered during the Immersive. Students are mentored by web development professionals who will give them the necessary skills they need to become versatile web developers and operations engineers.

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META+LINK is CSUN's professional network and community for alumni and current students in technology and innovative spaces. We are upheld by META+LAB and an ecosystem of local and campus organizations, and ultimately intend to provide a life-long professional support system for our members.

META+LINK is a free service that provides CSUN alumni and students with a robust professional network, while making giving back to the campus community easy and fun.

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