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META+LAB is a robust software development agency led by students and overseen by experienced mentors. We’ve combined top notch software development with a vibrant culture of continuous learning and progress.

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In the development phase of our applications we utilize various programing languages, in which we incorporate front-end and back-end components to create a functional application for the client and user. At the same time our devops team connects the server with the product. In the meantime, the marketing team is in charge of the analytics and promotion of the product.


The META+LAB Operations team handles all things related to META+LAB infrastructure both on-premise and on AWS. This includes the setup of demonstration and production environments. In addition, the Operations team provides hands-on IT support to the office of Research and Graduate Studies department on campus. Without the diligent work of our Operations team, we would be unable to function.


UI/UX is a core element of all web-applications. Producing truly engaging functionality and visuals requires dedication. Our graphic designers take pride in their work designing great interactive interfaces for the users of our projects.


The marketing team at META+LAB handles the adoption and user growth strategies for most of our products. They conduct presentations and demonstrations for many of our projects and present our findings to clients and to university officials. The marketing team also handles our social media accounts and works alongside the design team to come up with robust marketing materials.


At META+LAB, students and mentors work together to build and maintain products. Teamwork is at the forefront of what we do. Great things are born through hard-work and collaboration.

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Our students participate in programs that build their knowledge incrementally to prepare them for the projects we take on. The Pathfinder program takes place over the course of the entire academic year. The Summer Immersive takes place over the course of two weeks.

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